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Apostle Boswell, was led by God to form a united apostolic organization. This organization would be committed to saving souls, spreading the gospel, and fulfilling the word of God. In 1980, The Church of the Apostolic Doctrine (C.A.D.) organization was established. In 1985 Bishop Arlonzo Boswell was installed as the preciding prelate and had continued to lead the organization with vision and victory to higher heights in the Lord.


The purpose of the C.A.D. is the same as that of the original church. Recorded in the book of Acts, our purpose is to seek and to save them that are lost, to be true witnesses for Jesus our beloved Saviour, and to tell a dying world that Jesus saves to the utmost! The C.A.D. is founded upon the Holy Bible, the inspired, written word of God. We believe in its principles and hold fast to its truth. As it was in the beginning, so it is now, the Bible is the unadulterated word of God.


Since the inception of The Church of the Apostolic Doctrine organization in 1980, God has abundantly blessed us. Having therefore obtained help from God, we continue unto this day!

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