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Arlonzo Boswell was born March 10, 1939, he grew up in the town of Dozier Alabama. He has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart, Ortry Olivia Belcher for 50 years.


Bishop received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost in 1962 under the leadership of the late Bishop Clarence C. Allen. Bishop Boswell came up through the ranks in the church beginning as a brother and then receiving promotion from the Lord to Deacon, Minister, Elder, Pastor and Bishop, currently presiding Bishop of the Church of the Apostolic Doctrine and overseeing several churches.


In 1974 the Lord called Bishop Boswell to preach the word and he began zealously preaching the Word of God.  In 1978 the Lord called Bishop to the Pastorate, upon to the Pastorate, Bishop and his family relocated to his home state of Alabama.  While in Alabama, Bishop Boswell was founder and Pastor of Faith Deliverance Apostolic Church.


For two years Bishop Boswell and his wife worked tirelessly in the building of God’s kingdom, being in a “green field”  a place where the Apostolic Doctrine was not widely know, was not an easy task to say the least, nevertheless, they continued in the faith, praying and believing God against all the odds.  The Lord began to bless the fruit of their labor and the church began to grow.


But how can we hear without a preacher? How can he preach except he be sent?  In 1980 Bishop Boswell returned to Connecticut and humbly accepted the position as Pastor of the Greater Refuge Church of Christ and immediately began the arduous task of bringing a people stung with grief and loss, back together as a church.  The Lord knew we needed someone who was caring, compassionate and above all patient. So God gave us a Pastor and First Lady after his own heart, Bishop Arlonzo and Evangelist Ortry Boswell.


Bishop and Evangelist Boswell remain faithful to the work of the Lord and people of God.  They continually show love to God’s people by reaching out and being there in our time of need.  Because of the love shown by this great man and woman of God, Refuge continues to be blessed.

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